Order Your Collapsible GEWIS Travel Mug

We are happy to announce that we got enough interested people, so you can order your collapsible GEWIS mug right now!

Would you also like to take a GEWIS mug out of the room to enjoy the delicious coffee from GEWIS in the lecture halls? We all know it is not allowed to take the ceramic GEWIS mugs outside the GEWIS room. And paper cups are just not the same, and there should be more sustainable options, right?

When we looked at more sustainable options, we came across these really cool collapsible mugs. They are compact to carry around, and they allow for your drink to cool a little bit such that you won't burn your tongue when sipping your coffee or tea.

The cups can carry up to 350ml. Furthermore they are leak-proof, dishwasher safe and BPA-free. If you would like to see all features, please look here .

So subscribe to this activity to order your cup!

  • €10.00 for first year students
  • €12.50 for non-first year students

If you want to order more than one cup, just send us a mail.


zondag 20 december 2020 om 23:59
zondag 20 december 2020 om 23:59
€10.00 or €12.50
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