AC Duo Chesspionship

Has this partial lockdown made you feel like you're a queen stuck in a castle? Worry no more, because on the 24th of November the AC will start a three-week-long Duo Chess tournament! You will be playing hand and brain chess, so find yourself a chess mate with who you can check mate. The rules in a nutshell: The “brain” calls out a piece (let’s say a pawn) and the “hand” has to decide which pawn to move and where.

Of course we will cater to the ROOKies as well as the chess kings, since you have to fill in how much experience you have as a duo (fill in beginner if you do not know much more than the rules or do not play often). You will have to schedule most of the matches yourself, but we will lend a helping hand with planning. Will you deliver checkmate, or is it (k)night (k)night for you? Only one way to find out! If you want to beat your friends, subscribing is the winning strategy!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or need to get something off your chesst, you can always contACt us at

Hugs, the AC

dinsdag 24 november 2020 om 20:00
donderdag 17 december 2020 om 20:00
€ 0,00
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Neem contact op met Activiteiten Commissie of het bestuur ( als je vragen of opmerkingen hebt of als je na het verstrijken van de afmeldtermijn niet aanwezig kunt zijn. Veel plezier!

Deze inschrijflijst is open van dinsdag 24 november 2020 om 12:00 tot dinsdag 24 november 2020 om 12:00.

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