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    Ever wanted to play a Tabletop role-playing game like Dungeons&Dragons or Pathfinder? Ever thought your board games needed a hint of improv theatre? We didn't either, until we tried it! Friday October 16th GEPWNAGE organizes an RPG night accessible to veterans and new players alike. For this activity we'll have a hoard of Game Masters ready to run an adventure playable in one night.

    We'll be playing online and using a simple system to make sure you'll go from zero to hero(ish) in the blink of an eye! The only thing you'll need is a computer with a webcam and a microphone, and optionally some of your favorite snacks and drinks.

    Ready to fight monsters and slay queens? Register now!

    You can register with a group up to 4 people. We will merge groups if needed for the activity.

    We have a maximum capacity of 25 participants (this may increase if we find more GMs). If there are more than 25 participants before the 5th of October 13:00, we will use to randomly select who can join the activity. We will take groups into account as one to join the activity.

    tl;dr: Date: 2020-10-09 19:00-23:00 System: Dungeon World Format: Online (Discord + Web)

    Discord link:

    vrijdag 16 oktober 2020 19:00
    vrijdag 16 oktober 2020 23:59
    At home
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    vrijdag 16 oktober 2020 19:00
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Please contact GEWIS Plant Weer Nerdige Activiteiten en Geeky Evenementen or the board ( with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

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