Do you feel bored sometimes during the quarantine? And do you want to start a new hobby? Then GETAART has the solution for you. We as GETAART are introducing the GETAART box. A box containing all the ingredients you need to make one of our 5 recipes, which we will personally deliver to you in Eindhoven on June the 13th. You will only have to pay for the ingredients in the box. The recipes from which you can choose are: 1. Chocolate chip cookies 2. Strawberry cheesecake 3. Chocolate finger biscuit cake 4. Blondies with white chocolate and raspberries 5. Fluffy Japanese pancakes

The recipes can be found here

Please subscribe below and fill in which recipe’s ingredients you would like to receive in your GETAART box. Afterwards please send us an email at containing: – the address in Eindhoven at which we should deliver the GETAART box – when you will or will not be able to receive the GETAART box on June the 13th (if we cannot meet these requirements we will let you know on time) – any allergies – whether we should include all ingredients needed for the recipe or if you already have some ingredients such as sugar or flour (you obviously will not have to pay for the ingredients you don’t want to receive)

Ordering a box also gives you a chance to win an all-inclusive baking set of your choice with a value of €20,-! To participate, you just have to post a picture of your creation online using #GETAART on Instagram or Facebook. If you’d rather send us a personal mail you can do so at

So what are you waiting for, subscribe to the GETAART box and surprise all your roommates with some nice baked goods!

Greetings, GETAART

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