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    TLDR; Talk/interview from Sioux about developing Artificial Intelligence, hosted on Microsoft Teams. However, what would a Sioux lecture be without pizza? Therefore, everyone who visits the lecture receives a Domino's discount code and a few lucky winners will also receive a Domino's voucher, so you can get a delicious pizza yourself.

    Running MathWare at scale, an architects perspective
    Applications often combine state-of-the-art algorithms with large amounts of data. The knowledge required to create complex algorithms is quite different from that to run applications at scale in a cloud environment. This talk takes you on the journey from a customer's idea, through prototypes, to the realization of an application running advanced machine learning algorithms. It shows you what it takes to handle gigabytes of data per second. All from the perspective of a software architect at Sioux.

    About Martin Poelstra
    Martin Poelstra is a Software Architect at Sioux Technologies. With more than 15 years of professional software development experience, he has worked on projects ranging from embedded software to web sites, from desktop applications to backend systems. Previously responsible for teams of software developers, he is now back at what he enjoys the most: solving technical challenges to deliver high-quality software that's user-friendly for both end-users and developers.

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