Liberation Day festival

Hi everyone! Keeping track of time is not my forte these days, but I was informed it is Liberation Day in two weeks! Normally, festivals are organised around the Netherlands to celebrate living in a free country, but corona blablabla. Anyways, living in free country means you are free to express and explore your talents in (almost) any way you want. So this Liberation Day, we want to see the amazing talents of GEWIS! This can be anything: drawing, dancing, music, writing, acting, arts and crafts, magic, or any other artform. Maybe you are very passionate about maths, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, politics, or another subject with a story you'd like to tell. Cooking, gaming, sports, engineering, designing, really anything goes. We want to see your forte, the talent that you excel in! On May 5th at 20:00, FESTIVITEIT will organise a livestream (, presenting ALL your submissions (within twitch TOS/no nudity) to celebrate your creativity! Submit your picture(s)/video(s) (max 6 minutes please, longer is possible)/audio/text to If the files are too big for an e-mail, you can use a YouTube/WeTransfer/Google Drive link. Feel free to give us a backstory/explanation of your submission, which we will also include on the stream! The deadline for submitting is May 4th. We are looking forward to seeing your creations!

TL;DR Submit your talent to All submissions will be livestreamed on on 5 May at 20:00 Deadline for submitting your creations is May 4th No answer sheets on stream this time. If you have any questions/need any help, let us know!

dinsdag 5 mei 2020 om 20:00
dinsdag 5 mei 2020 om 23:59
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