Motivation in Isolation

Do you find yourself watching Netflix instead of studying? Is your homework piling up, but are you distracting yourself with that new game that just came out? Did you suddenly pick up running, but only to run away from your schoolwork? Don’t look any further, because we might be able to help you! In times like this, where working from home is the only option, it can be hard to stay productive and focus on your classes. And since we’re going to be stuck in this situation until at least the end of this semester; we’re organizing a workshop about motivation. Where in this case “we” is the FYC TRAIN workgroup, that contains of four members of different FYCs and two members of TRAIN. During the training you will learn about motivation, what it is and the pitfalls of it. You will also learn about setting goals and distractions. An important part of the training is setting up a buddy systems. This way you can talk with other people about staying motivated and those people can support you. The training will be given in two sessions, the first session will be held April 29 from 19:30-21:00, and the second session will take place at the May 7, at the same time. The two sessions can’t be attended separately, so please make sure that, if you subscribe, you’re available both these dates. The training will take place in Zoom. Since a part of the training takes place within groups, and some people might prefer doing this with people they know well, there is an opportunity to subscribe with a group (please fill in the same group name). A group should consist of 5 people. If you don’t have a preference, then you can of course fill in “I don’t have a group’” and we will make sure that you are added to a group. The training will be given by Jan Reinder Rosing who works for Project Wijsheid. This is the same company the trainer of TRAIN’s willpower training works for. So, if you are ready to get motivated again, or to stay motivated, then you are very welcome. There are only 35 spots available, so if you suddenly can’t make it to the training please let us know in time, so that we can make someone else happy with your spot.

woensdag 29 april 2020 om 19:30
woensdag 29 april 2020 om 21:00
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