Défi Shooting Clay Pigeons

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    Défi Shooting Clay Pigeons

    TL;DR Défi shooting, subscription opening February 13th at 13.00h. BANG BANG BANG!

    On the 13th of March Dispuut Défi will go to shoot some pigeons and we want you to join! No, not real pigeons, pigeons made out of clay, duh. Let your inner rebel out by shooting a real big gun. Take on the challenge with us! For just 30€ (first years 27,50€) you will be able to shoot 20 times. We are going to go to the location by car. Compensation for fuel will be given to the drivers. A carpooling schedule will be made by us. We will leave at 13:15 and be back at around 16:00. Do you dare to take on the challenge? Put on your big boy/girl pants and subscribe!

    There are some regulations for this activity:
    - You have to be at least 18 years old to participate.
    - You have to bring your ID card or passport.
    - Alcohol is strictly forbidden.
    - When you are subscribed for the activity after the subscription deadline (March 5th), you are obligated to pay for the activity, whether you join or not.

    The subscription opens Thursday February 13th at 13:00. There are 22 spots. If there are 22 subscriptions within an hour, there will be a draw.

    vrijdag 13 maart 2020 13:00
    vrijdag 13 maart 2020 16:00
    Inschrijven voor
    donderdag 5 maart 2020 23:00
    30€ (first years 27,50€)
    Google Calendar

Please contact Défi or the board (cib@gewis.nl) with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

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