Mathematics Record Attempt

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    On the 10th of Februari a mathematical genius will try to break a world record in headcounting! The specific task at hand for Willem Bouman is finding 4 squares that count up to a given number that consists of 5 digits.

    After his record attempt there will be time to ask Willem some questions, and he will also elaborate how he factorizes these big numbers and how he uses squares for this.

    This amazing attempt is free to join and starts 13:30 sharp in the Movie Theater at the Zwarte Doos! After this the doors will be closed as Willem Bouman will need silence for his attempt at getting the world record, so if you want to join, make sure you are there some time in advance.

    maandag 10 februari 2020 13:30
    maandag 10 februari 2020 15:00
    Zwarte Doos Movie Theater
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