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    Dear members of GEWIS, On the 2nd of December the 172th GM of Study Association GEWIS will convene. All of her members are invited to attend this meeting as the Code of Conduct article 4 demands. Up until 4 days prior to the meeting, members can suggest items to be discussed in this meeting. The agenda, minutes and other documents will be posted on the website. The GM takes place in English. Members that are absent with notice, can authorize another member. Mind that authorizations shall only be accepted when they are signed by hand or submitted via the website. For more information, see the HR article 5.

    To try to save some paper we kindly ask you to point out WHICH documents you would like to have printed for you. The documents that are available are:

    1: Financial Definition List
    2: Summaries of old GMs
    3: Eternal Decision List
    4: Scenarios and Procedures
    5: Eternal Memorandum
    6: Agenda AV172
    7: Besluitenlijst
    8: Translation template besluitenlijst (decisionlist)
    9: Concept Minutes GM171
    10: Letter to GM AVW158
    11: HR Vote Proposal
    12: HR including track changes
    13: Statuten including track changes
    14: Update Digital Infrastructure
    15: Letter to GM Postponement Annual Report 37th Board (late entry, so printed for everyone)

    Please denote the documents that you want printed in numbers with a comma between them. So if you would like the Agenda, the HR Vote Proposal with track changes and the Update on Digital Infrastructure, enter "6, 12, 14". If you would like all documents printed, just enter "all".

    maandag 2 december 2019 18:00
    maandag 2 december 2019 22:00
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    maandag 2 december 2019 08:00
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Please contact the organizing party or the board ( with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

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