GELIMBO Sinterkerstennieuw with beer, brût bollen and sweater borrel evening

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    "Van genoeg piek op de bank, naar nog maar één piek in de boom"* Well, that is why we will organize a sinterkerstennieuw activity where you can make your own Christmas sweater on Friday December 6th! For only 11 euros, you will get some awesome knitwear and great decoration stuff you can put on it. But we can hear you thinking: yeah, but during this Friday afternoon, I also want to VrijMiBo. Well, that's why we came up with an awesome solution! For these 11 euros, you will not only get your sweater and decoration, but also a lovely christmas beer on the side! But just a beer? I'd like another drink! Well...okaayy...we also have a glass prosecco for you, completely free! And, if you subscribe before the deadline on Sunday, you also get an oliebol to fill your stomach while decorating and drinking! Of course, we also have an alcohol-free option, where you get the same, but alcohol-free! (Jip en Janneke 'champagne' and a coke) This option will only cost you 8 euros!

    And for the real peakies, there will be additional beers and proseccos for sale!

    So "niet piekeren maar gáán" and subscribe for this amazing opportunity to shine in your unique designer sweater! Note that there are only 30 spots available, so be quick!

    *Quote by Dutch TV commercial:) best translation we could come up with:"From enough gold at the bank, to only one peak of gold in the christmas tree"

    Sweaters Men (red or neon green): sweaters Women (pick a color):

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    vrijdag 6 december 2019 20:00
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    Sweater + Alcoholic Drinks Cards €11/Sweater + Non-Alcoholic Drinks Cards €8
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Please contact GEWIS Ervaart Limburgse Initiatieven Met Bewondering en Ontzag or the board ( with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

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