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    DevOps, a developers role? The introduction of Agile software development has caused the frequency of software deliveries to increase and has changed the view on how this should be achieved. According to DevOps, developers should play a role in operations. But what does this mean in practice? This presentation will introduce the world of Operations and what they perceive as working software. What is required for Continuous Integration and Delivery and for Lifecycle management. It will also show how a developer can contribute to this, improving the overall quality of the software you create and saving time in the long run.

    About Pieter Delmee Pieter Delmee is a Senior Software Designer at Sioux Technologies. He has worked on many applications in his career, varying from stand-alone Windows applications, up to web-portals serving 700 concurrent users. Mainly driven to create and deliver better software which is usable by all parties involved, including operations. In his current project, one of the major responsibilities of Pieter is the delivery of the software.

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