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    At PwC our Identity & Access management team builds new, state-of-the-art systems to secure customer and workforce identities. We all have an online banking app, but do you dare to log in using facial recognition? In this team they develop, advise on and implement the future of IAM. Our solutions play a critical role in cyber security and are inseparably linked to the security and productivity of the clients we work for at PwC.

    Everyone has an online identity, and everything is connected to everyone. In this team, they create a personal, seamless and secure user experience across online and physical touch points for customers and partners of our clients. This team is also involved in a variety of projects where the time to service and usability for employees to get access to critical data and systems is improved. Last but not least, this team controls access to company sensitive data to prevent fraud and protect intellectual property. The IAM consultants are the spider in the web whom connect everything for everyone and who make organizations cyber secure, leaving no chance for hackers to enter in the first place.

    Milan Schwartz (Senior Manager and architect in Identity & Access management) will take you on a journey in this enormously growing and groundbreaking world of Identity & Access Management in this interactive session!

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