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    Dear members,

    VrijMiSo has cleaned out the games cabinet and there are some games that we will not be keeping at GEWIS. Therefore, you get a chance to get some of these games for your own cabinet!

    If you want multiple games, please write down the games that you want in numbers with a comma between them. So if you would like "It all starts with U" and "Jenga" enter "1, 3"

    1. It all starts with U
    2. Trivial pursuit kaarten Genus Edition (2x)
    3. Jenga stones
    4. Board game 34
    5. Stef stuntpiloot
    6. Beestenveiling
    7. Machiavelli
    8. Lucky Loop
    9. Malle mollen
    10. Rolit
    11. Stratego 4 spelers
    12. Cromagnon
    13. Heilig of Geilig
    14. Java
    15. Exago
    16. Nights of the grand octopus
    17. Acquire
    18. Expedition Pyramide
    19. Cameleon
    20. De val van Rome
    21. Iguazu
    22. Giant Mikado
    23. Online internet card game
    24. Regenwormen
    25. Lego classic set
    26. IQ puzzler (2x)
    27. Pokerchips + chiphouder (9x)

    Please note that there are some games that are not complete anymore, this is at your own risk.

    If there are several people interested in the same game, there will be a draw. The people that haven't gotten a game yet will have priority.

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Please contact the organizing party or the board ( with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

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