Lunchlezing Sioux

TLDR; Lunch lecture about Docker Containers and Microservices with free Domino's pizza!

Modern software systems need to be flexible, scalable and reliable. The industry hype says that a combination of Docker containers with a Microservices based architecture is well suited to meet those demands. The presentation will show that there are good reasons for the claim and they are not just buzzwords. The talk will first provide a brief introduction into Docker containers and the Microservices architecture pattern. It will then describe a concrete case that Sioux is working on where a monolithic application is refactored into Docker based microservices, resulting in a flexible, scalable and reliable system.

About the speaker: Henk van den Heuvel is a software architect at Sioux Technologies. He has worked with systems varying in size from 8 bit microcontrollers to scalable cloud based systems and is always eager to learn about new technologies. Programming himself is still one of his activities. Not only because he likes to do so, but also to keep practical experiences with these new techniques.

Note: After subscription, showing up is mandatory. Unsubscribing is possible until Wednesday the 16th of October, 23.58h

donderdag 17 oktober 2019 om 12:40
donderdag 17 oktober 2019 om 13:20
Luna 1.050
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