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    Life and work as cyber security specialist in industrial automation
    Imagine a week at work with Monday at 50m high container crane in the Netherlands, and Thursday afternoon at automotive factory in India? Imagine that having to hack an industrial site, factory, ship or powerplant is part of your job description. How would you do this? In this presentation, I will try to shed a light on the projects, the process, thoughts, decisions and the experiences of performing this type of work each day. Industrial environments are interesting legacy playground evolving into super powerful data beasts with latest tech nowadays. I will try to touch both technical and non-technical considerations when acting as cyber security specialist in the wild. The presentation will be an informal setting of sharing experiences, war stories and team photos (and victories) how this particular engineer-turned-into-researcher-and-evolved-into-consultant tries to help world become a better place and have some fun at work.

    dinsdag 3 september 2019 12:40
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