GELIFT Liftwedstrijd naar Bazel

GEWIS is going to Switzerland in the first weekend of October, 4, 5 and 6 October! But how fast remains to be seen. If you go along with GELIFT, not only do you get an incredible hitchhiking competition, you also receive a cheap city trip to Luxembourg and Basel! All for the price of only €60,-! What you get:

Friday: at the end of the afternoon we are going to hitchhike in couples to Luxembourg. Upon arrival you can go out or discover the city in other ways. Saturday: the hitchhiking competition to Basel continues! The couple who has the least amount of time overall wins the hitchhiking competition and receives the exchange trophy. In the evening there will be time to enjoy the local nightlife! Sunday: you'll have the entire day to discover Basel. The committee will supply some fun suggestions, but you are free to go wherever you like. At the end of the afternoon we’ll take plane back to Schiphol, and we’ll be back in Eindhoven the same evening.

Included in the price: o Overnight stay in Luxembourg including breakfast o Overnight stay in Basel including breakfast o Necessities for the hitchhiking competition (a map, an information booklet, app) o Suggestions to enjoy your Sunday in Basel o Flight back from Basel to Amsterdam o Train from Amsterdam to Eindhoven Subscription is pair wise, 1 person of the couple needs to subscribe and mention the person he/she will team up with. Subscription is binding after the subscription deadline. A maximum of 10 couples can join, next to the 4 couples of the committee, so be sure to register soon! If there are more than 10 couples subscribed within the hour there will be a draw.

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vrijdag 4 oktober 2019 om 14:00
zondag 6 oktober 2019 om 23:59
Overal tussen Eindhoven en Basel
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Deze inschrijflijst is open van donderdag 1 augustus 2019 om 23:59 tot donderdag 1 augustus 2019 om 23:59.

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