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    Hey everyone,

    The exam weeks are coming up, however one must not forget to also have some fun once in a while. Therefore the boardgame committee VrijMiSo is organizing a boardgame evening on June 19th at GEWIS starting at 6 o'clock. You can participate for the low low price of, you guessed it, zero euros!

    Over the course of the evening we will play a wide variation of boardgames that GEWIS has to offer (see the link below for an overview of our collection), however you can also bring some boardgames from your own collection. We've also purchased some new boardgames that will make their debut at the activity, namely

    • Azul
    • Bang! The Dice Game
    • De Kwakzalvers van Kakelenburg
    • Sheriff of Nottingham

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    The official VrijMiSo committee

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