Minimalism lunch lecture

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    Student life brings a lot of stress and sometimes everything can seem so overwhelming. Every day’s clutter can obstruct the things that are actually important and modern technology can cause a lot of distractions. If you think you recognize this, Minimalism might be something for you!

    The popularity of the Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo shows that Minimalism is quite the rage. Minimalism can improve your health, reduce stress and, according to some, even make you happier.

    This lecture will be given by Anja from Minimalist Dutchie. In 2016, Anja parted with 75% of her stuff and started blogging about it. Today, her Dutch blog about minimalism and simple living has more than 10.000 visitors per month. In her 30 minute talk on June 13th she’ll discuss what it means to live life with the “less is more” motto – and why giving yourself the permission to get rid of things and re-defining your space will be life-changing.

    The language of the training is English and free lunch will be provided if you subscribe. So if you are interested in this topic, or even a bit skeptical about the bold claims, come listen to this lecture!

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