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    -- This lunch lecture will be in English --

    Stepping into the world of microservices, containers, serverless and functions

    NetMatch is an innovative software specialist focusing on e-commerce in the travel industry. With almost 100 colleagues we provide high-quality software solutions to European tour operators, online travel agencies and cruise lines. NetMatch’ clients are major travel companies such as Corendon, Zoover, and TUI Cruises.

    In this lunch lecture our software architect will explain the differences between microservices, containers, serverless computing and functions. How are these technologies related and why should you care? We will show the potential benefits of moving away from the monolithic application architecture, virtual machines and infrastructure as a service. This lunch lecture will be most interesting for computer science students.

    dinsdag 4 juni 2019 12:40
    dinsdag 4 juni 2019 13:20
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