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    Visual Exploration of large software structures
    Tim Bertholet will tell you about the application of Visual Data Exploration techniques while you are enjoying your pizza. Tim: “High tech systems are often supported by large software stacks, where a legacy of hundreds of man-years is not an exception. Evolving insights about architecture and techniques cannot be deployed in the complete stack continuously and immediately, which gradually results in inconsistencies between different parts of the stack. Visually exploring the structure and properties of the software (and other data like documentation and contributors) help making quick assessments and communicating about possible improvements. Sioux uses this and other techniques to keep the software in high tech systems maintainable and comprehendible across disciplines.”

    About the speaker
    Tim Bertholet is a software architect at Sioux. He has multiple years of experience in multidisciplinary teams contributing to and integrating with large software stacks, including lifecycle management. Sioux is an innovative technology partner that supports leading high tech companies in the development and manufacturing of their products. With 600 dedicated engineers in technical software, electronics, mechatronics and mathware they support or act as the Research & Development department of their customers.

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