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    Hi culinairy miracles, GETAART is organising diner rouler, which you can join with a partner of your choice! The idea of diner rouler is that you create one dish (appetizer, main dish or dessert) together with your partner, and you fix a place to serve it (for example at your or your partners place). You will serve this dish to yourself and your partner and two other couples. The other dishes will be taken care of by other couples on other locations. This means that you and your partner will consume 3 dishes on 3 different location in the company of 2 other couples per dish, so 6 other couples in total! What makes this activity extra fun is that in just one evening you will be able to mingle with a lot of people, you can express all your culinary creativity and get inspired by the creations of others. We will make a schedule in which we mix up all the couples. And to ensure that traveling between dishes does not take too long, we would like to know where you will serve your dish. With the privacy law in mind we do not ask you to put this location on the website, instead we ask you to email this information to The information will only be communicated to members of GETAART, it will only be used for the schedule and off course all the information on locations will be deleted afterwards.

    woensdag 22 mei 2019 17:30
    woensdag 22 mei 2019 23:00
    At someone's home
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    woensdag 15 mei 2019 23:59
    5 euro
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