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    Simulation of Software builds

    There are many kinds of software builds. Some can be executed in a matter of seconds, and some will take several hours. When you have no idea how long it will take in advance or how you can optimize your environment, it is like a stroll in the dark. You walk around carefully and hope you do not accidently bump your head, because if you do, you might spend a long time recovering from your mistake.

    As Data Scientists at Itility, it is our job to shed some light on such complex systems in order to navigate through these dark mazes. We will give you a quick tour of what we do at Itility and how we help our customer to gain insights into their software build environment.

    We will illustrate two different mathematical models that generated proofed business value

    • The queuing prediction model, which optimizes the execution time of builds
    • The environmental simulation model, which exposes bottlenecks and helps with scalability

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