Artificial intelligence workshop (with Alexa)

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    The AI revolution is taking place all around us, some people say that it will destroy us and others say that it will be our saving grace. Whatever the outcome may be, it will always be handy to be able to program an AI. That is the exact reason why we are organizing this training!

    The goal of the training will be to learn how to program Alexa, the AI assistant of Amazon.

    The training will be given by ORTEC Finance, a company that specializes in optimizing software and is currently venturing into AI. There are 20 spots for the training, so subscribe now! This training will only take place if at least 10 people have subscribed, so invite your friends!

    maandag 18 maart 2019 14:00
    maandag 18 maart 2019 16:30
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    zaterdag 16 maart 2019 17:00
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