Zuiderspel boardgame convention

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    If you love boardgames as much as we do, you're in luck! GEWIS is going to Zuiderspel, the boardgame convention of Veldhoven. For only €2,- you can join us for a full day of playing and buying boardgames. Afterwards we're going to GEWIS to eat some fries (not included in the price) and play our new games.

    Since Zuiderspel is slightly further away than the Spellenspektakel, there will be a cycling group and a bus group. Please let us know in advance which group you're willing to attend.

    The `unofficial’ VrijMiSo committee.

    zondag 24 maart 2019 10:00
    zondag 24 maart 2019 20:00
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    donderdag 21 maart 2019 23:00
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Naam Are you going to join the bus group or the cycling group? Are you going to join us at GEWIS after the convention?
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