Career Expo - Wervingsdagen

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    Get to know 160+ companies and find your match!

    The Career Expo is the biggest career event of the TU/e. Over the course of two days, companies will present themselves in the Auditorium building. Additionally, you can join a number of Extra Activities and Speeddates, which are 10 minute conversations with 3 interesting companies. Subscribe here for the Speeddates.

    Visiting the Career Expo can help you orient for your master, help you find internships or even a job!

    The Career Expo is free of charge and no registration is required except for the Speeddates. Be sure to come by and present your brand at the Career Expo!

    📘 Guide 📘
    To get to know all the activities and companies at the Career Expo, be sure to check out our Company Guide.

    woensdag 20 maart 2019 10:00
    woensdag 20 maart 2019 16:00
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