GETAART cupcake decorating workshop

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    Monday 25th of March is the GETAART cupcake decorating workshop for only one euro! We will provide 4 cupcakes for everyone and a lot of stuff you can use to decorate them. There will be explanations how to decorate the cupcakes, but you can of course make whatever you like! There will be prizes for the most beautiful cupcakes :) There is not a limited amount of people who can join the workshop, but the first 36 subsriptions can take their decorating tools home! (only if you show up) If you want to take your decorated cupcakes home, we ask to bring your own food container.

    maandag 25 maart 2019 18:00
    maandag 25 maart 2019 21:00
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    vrijdag 22 maart 2019 23:00
    1 euro
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