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    Blockchain (16:30 -17:00)

    In this presentation the following topics will be covered.

    • General overview of blockchain
    • Mining explained: how does hashing and the mining algorithm work?
    • Private blockchains: how to validate private transactions without knowledge of the contents of a transaction?

    This presentation will give an overview of some of the components of the blockchain technology, both mathematical and software related, and will give some practical applications of the blockchain technology in the industry.

    Sensing Clues (17:00-17:30 uur)

    Wild spaces are under pressure by all sorts of illegal activities, ranging from poaching to illegal trespassing, logging, grazing, charcoaling, mining, waste dumping, and many other threats to nature.

    As most nature reserves are simply too extensive, and boots on the ground too few, to continuously guard and monitor the entire area, timely and actionable information about (potential) incidents is of the essence.

    Actionable information, also called intelligence, starts with registering and analysing the daily observations of rangers and befriended allies that work in the area. They see and hear many things that can be used to fuel situational understanding. However, many Wildlife Protection Organisations lack the proper tools to collect these observations with ease and to translate them timely into preventive action plans and briefing instructions.

    Sensing Clues’ mission is to turn wild spaces into safe havens. We do so by developing and making available the Platform for Wildlife Intelligence, aimed at supporting the collection, analysis, and sharing of actionable information for wildlife protection.

    As a partner of MarkLogic we invited MarkLogic to tell you all bout this project(Wildlife Intelligence) and the techniques that have been used. And we will tell you all about the opportunities for you!

    SynBier (17:45 - end)

    At the end of the evening we would like to get to know you while enjoying a SynBier. We brew our own SynBier, see the website for more information.

    Note: the lecture will be in Dutch

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