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    Deep Learning

    Deep Learning (or AI, if you like marketing): What's the technology that makes self-driving cars possible, beats us in Go and Dota2, detects payment frauds and is the core of China’s social credit score? Sometimes the hype is actually at least partially justified. At SIMON, we are specialists in Machine and Deep Learning, originating from ISAAC right here in Eindhoven. During the lunch talk we will explain what Deep Learning is, its relatively simple mathematical origins, how it works, what its limitations are, where it is going, how lots of people will (or won’t?) lose their jobs to it and how you might still save yours by getting on board the trAIn.

    About Erik
    Erik supports and guides companies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), disruption, strategy and the latest revenue models. Being SIMON - a friend of ISAAC 's - managing director, he builds prototypes and practical applications which are rapidly deployable. Erik's mission is to make AI accessible for every company, whether your aim is to cut costs or to build the business of tomorrow. He holds a Phd in Computer Science from the University of Gent, and an experienced start-up entrepreneur.

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