Board Game: Expeditie GEWIS

  • Feb

    Welcome… to the grand Expeditie GEWIS. In this game, you will compete with other members of GEWIS, to show your talent in getting to the answer, forming an alliance and even betrayal.

    Each day, you will be challenged. This challenge can be anything; for example make a picture with someone, answer a question about GEWIS or solve a riddle. If you completed the challenge successfully, you can eliminate another candidate and you cannot be eliminated. The person who received the most valid votes, will be eliminated. Form an alliance, share your knowledge and eliminate wisefully. However, be careful with sharing your knowledge. If everyone completes the challenge successfully, everyone can be eliminated, including you. The last man surviving will win a price.

    Some practical information:

    • A Whatsapp group will be formed with all the candidates, each morning we will share who the eliminated person is. We will also share the challenge of the day.
    • You can also find the challenge of the day here.
    • You can send the proof that you completed the challenge and the person you eliminate to
    • More details will be shared after the subscription deadline.

    Good luck …and don’t get eliminated!

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