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    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Are you skilled at misleading others? Do you have the most hard to read facial expressions? Or are you simply the most legendary poker player around? If any of these apply to you or you just enjoy playing poker, you’re in luck. Dispuut “In Vino Veritas” and Fysisch Dispuut Hawking organize a multi-round poker tournament in which you can put your skills to the test.

    The game of poker started as a simple game to pass the time on ships played with only 20 cards. Later poker was influenced by the British’s 52-card deck that we are used to today. Eventually prohibited by the British due to poker being a game of chance. The success of poker in modern times is mostly due to the Americans filming techniques. The point here being, poker, just like the most elegant vintage wine, has aged well.

    Where the stigma of hidden dark rooms somewhere in the back has long faded, poker still preserves the thrill it always has when making a risky move that could possibly net you a fortune. On the contrary, one miscalculation could lead to your own demise. Reading your opponents, who bluffs, who only plays safe and who is willing to give you their money, is vital to making it in this game of wits and chance.

    This tournament will put your skills to the test not only against familiar opponents; if you prove skilled enough and make it to the finals you get to play against Van der Waals members as well.

    During the qualification round at GEWIS, Fysisch Dispuut Hawking will be dealing the cards at our tables, as true professional croupiers. During this evening some players will emerge victorious and be set with other equally skilled players. Eventually the best players are allowed to move on to the finals. These people will represent GEWIS and have the task to ensure the trophy is added to the GEWIS collection.

    In the finals the best players of GEWIS will be seated at poker tables together with the best players Van der Waals has to offer. When you’re out of chips you’re out of the finals. If you’re doing well, you’ll be moved to a better table. Eventually one player will have outsmarted all his opponents and will win the trophy for GEWIS or Van der Waals.

    During both evenings snacks will be provided and the tactic of buying your opponents slightly too much wine might actually be viable.

    For only 5,- euro’s you can enjoy up to two evenings of playing poker. You get the thrill of taking your opponents’ chips, making risky moves netting you the victory and getting to know another association better. All the while being provided with snacks and being able to complement these with as much wine as you want. Eventually, if you do well enough you could be the one having the honour to win GEWIS the golden trophy!

    The final will be played on February 18th at 18:00!

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