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    Imagine, you drive to the university or travel by public transport and then look for a place at the university to work quietly. Wouldn‘t it be nice to know how crowded it is at the moment of arrival? Or rather at the time of departure? Or even days in advance? With cloud services, we nowadays have a low-threshold use of smart services to make predictions. For this you need data, IoT is often a good solution here. You also want to bring this to the end user in a pleasant and efficient way.

    We are ilionx, a medium-sized IT consultancy company with more than 850 employees spread over 7 offices across the Netherlands: Maastricht, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Zwolle and Groningen. Each branch is divided into units and we have different specializations and knowledge: Java, .NET, cloud computing, business analytics, digital experience, dev-operations, interactive marketing and security. Open, collegial and informal are characteristics that describe the culture of ilionx.

    Because of all our specializations, we founded Q-LABS in 2018 to bring together the various departments and competences to realize smart and innovative solutions. Due to the parking problem at our office in Maastricht, the ‘parking solution‘ was created. A product where an end-2-end solution is built, where the competences BI, infra and development come together. Parts and techniques that we have used include Python-scripts to read camera images, multiple smart devices (IoT), cloud services (Azure), C # development, object recognition and a Xamarin app.

    Wondering how we did this? Come and have lunch with us on February 28 and we'll show you! In addition, Q-LABS has recently became open-source, so if you are interested in contributing to one of the above knowledge areas while enjoying a beer and pizza: you are welcome at our office in Maastricht!

    You can find us on github , find the projects with prefix ‘qlabs-‘.

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