FESTIVITEIT Valentine Roses

  • Jan

    With the Christmas holiday being over we look to the next festivity coming up! Like last year, FESTIVITEIT will be distributing roses at GEWIS on valentines day (February 14th). So, do you have a secret crush you want to surprise? Would you like to treat your girlfriend/boyfriend? Do you want to let your friends know how much you appreciate them? Or do you want to give a rose to someone of the department? You can now buy one or more of these roses from the members of FESTIVITEIT for just one euro a piece! You will get a card from us, on which you can write a sweet message for the receiver of your rose. There’s a Cupidoos on the windowsill at GEWIS where you can hand in your cards. From there on we’ll make sure that each message gets attached to a rose and that your beloved knows there’s a rose waiting for them on February 14th. The cards will be sold till the 6th of February.

    So if you love/like someone and want them to know that you love/like them so, get them a rose!

    donderdag 10 januari 2019 16:00
    woensdag 6 februari 2019 12:00
    1 euro per rose
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