VrijMiSo - Boardgame Tournament

  • Jan

    Calling all boardgame geeks! There is trouble in Carcassonne, as all the farmers have risen up. They are revolting because of the extreme cacao taxes, which have been placed in order to fund the building of the eighth world wonder. All other citizens are emigrating to another kingdom, and we can’t lose all our citizens! We ask you to dominate our enemies, and claim their crowns!

    On Friday afternoon, January 11th, a boardgame tournament will be held at GEWIS. We have some great games lined up for you, and even some surprises. What’s more, participation is completely free of charge, but signing up is mandatory. The winners will go home with some amazing prizes, while the rest will of course have enjoyed an evening full of boardgame fun!

    Of course, the game rules of each game will be explained. And if you want to eat in advance, you can order via this list!

    Will you become the best of the best?

    The `unofficial’ VrijMiSo committee.

    P.s. there are hints in this piece regarding which games will be played. Can you find all six?

    vrijdag 11 januari 2019 18:00
    vrijdag 11 januari 2019 22:00
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    donderdag 10 januari 2019 23:00
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