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    Automated reliability testing of a medical device

    Most of us have experienced unreliable software. Your smartphone crashes or your car navigation does not respond. Annoying situations, but try to imagine that you hit the brake pedal of your car and nothing happens. In these examples the functionality typically works fine, but just not always. This is what software reliability is all about. In this talk Bryan Bakker will describe a case study of a medical X-Ray device that had several reliability issues. Dedicated test cases have been developed to measure the reliability of the product and to provide the developers with the information needed improve the software. Hardware interfaces of the system were used to control the software of the device. The management was able to use the insight in software reliability to steer the project in the right direction.

    About the speaker

    After receiving his master’s degree in computer science in 1998 at TU/e Bryan Bakker has worked as software engineer on different technical systems. About 15 years ago Bryan has specialized in testing of embedded software in multidisciplinary environments. As a test architect at Sioux Embedded systems Bryan focuses on test automation, reliability testing and design for testability. Bryan is also a tutor of several different test related courses and a frequent speaker at international conferences.

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