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    Are custom elements the answer you seek?

    With responsive web designs, microservices and new front-end techniques, the importance of the modular code, transfer-ability of code and, above all, the importance of cooperating functionalities, are constantly increasing.

    Are you tired of recreating the wheel because you switched from one front-end stack to the other? Do you want to share some complex web application without having to share a complete API? Web Components may play a key role here. Come and join ISAACus Lucien, and who knows, custom elements might be the answer you are looking for!

    dinsdag 27 november 2018 12:40
    dinsdag 27 november 2018 13:20
    Luna 1.050
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    maandag 26 november 2018 23:59
    Gratis Lunch! :D
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