GEPWNAGE How to Get Away with Murder

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    On Wednesday, it is time for a real-time murder game, where you create the mystery... and try to get away with it!

    You could be one of the murderers, trying to eliminate specific targets, steal objects, or just kill as many people as possible without being caught. Or you could be one of the detectives, who can only win by locking up murderers, but who lose when they arrest someone innocent. Or maybe you are just trying to abuse the chaos and confusion in order to fulfill your own, completely different, goals. Either way, chaotic fun is guaranteed! Oh, and don't worry: we have special roles for those who get knocked out of the game :3

    We will start at 19:00 @ GEWIS, and don't forget to subscribe!

    woensdag 14 november 2018 19:00
    woensdag 14 november 2018 22:00
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    woensdag 14 november 2018 18:00
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