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    With over 80 years of specialist experience in funeral insurance, term life insurance, savings insurance and funeral services, DELA has grown into a cooperative of almost three million members. Making a difference in the lives of relatives who lost a loved one is central to DELA. The world around us is changing fast and the wishes of relatives too. Our IT organization plays a crucial role in this.

    The IT organization of DELA is medium-sized and strives for digital mastery. Because we are in the middle of a digital transformation, there are enormous growth opportunities and training opportunities. We work according to the scrum method and our multidisciplinary teams decide for themselves what the best approach is. Examples of projects we work on are:

    • Data analytics
    • Data landscapes
    • Our online environment (continuously on the move)
    • Our growing digital marketing environment
    • State-of-the-art for customer interaction optimized architecture
    • Hybrid cloud solutions
    • Advanced security tools

    Sophie van de Goor is a Solution Manager for the entire Insurance domain within DELA. She not only ensures smooth application management on both operational and tactical level, but is also in charge of new system implementations and mega-migrations of data and functionality. She will tell you everything about it.

    Paul Heijen is a data engineer and he is involved in renewing and maintaining the data structure of Dela. Nowadays data is everywhere and it is his job to derive valuable information from this data. Given his background in Artificial Intelligence/ Data Science, he also tries to give direction to predictive analysis and process mining. In his presentation he will tell you more about these subjects.

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