AVW160 Brainstorm Session

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    TL;DR: 22-10-2018, 16:00; Brainstorm Session AVW160; Fraternities, position GEWIS within department and codetermination with in the council, register on website.

    Dear members,

    Do you want to determine the future vision of GEWIS? Do you have a clear idea on how to install fraternities? Or maybe you don't, but know how to improve it? Should we evaluate our position within the department? Is there anything that you believe GEWIS has to start doing? Time to act!

    Monday, the 22nd of October, another brainstorm session organized by AVW160 (General (Members) Meeting Taskforce 160) will take place. The purpose of this AVW is to prospect and formulate a multi-annual vision for GEWIS. The subjects of this session will be: Fraternities, the position of GEWIS within department and codetermination with in the council. On the website in the public archive, you can find the preparing documents for this brainstorm session.

    Please feel welcome to join us on the 22nd of October, from 16:00. Please subscribe via the website to make sure that AVW160 can book a proper location for this meeting. You can find the preparing documents in the public archive on the website. You can subscribe here:

    In case you cannot be present, but you still have input; you are welcome to send us any ideas via AVW160@GEWIS.nl or place a note in our physical mailbox at GEWIS, preferably before the 22nd of October.

    We hope to see many of you there!

    Kind regards, On behalf of AVW160,

    Sjoerd van Heesbeen

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