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    Ladies and gentlemen,

    The time is there! The opening of the subscription list of the Fraternity Gala!

    For a studying GEWIS member, the member contribution will be €90.-, for a non-GEWIS or a graduated GEWIS member, it will be €129.-. In return, there will be some gala preparing activities before and on Saturday the 16th of March, a ‘borrel’, a three course dinner, the gala itself, an overnight stay in the castle and a brunch the next day! Note that the gala itself does not have an end time, as long as you are partying, it is on!

    We can imagine that at this point in time, it might be unclear to you whether you will take a GEWIS date, or a non-GEWIS date, even though we request you to fill this out in the subscription list. We kindly request you to fill out what you expect on the 16th of March. We will give you the opportunity to change your subscription until the 1st of February. Time enough to send these blue letters! The 1st of March is also the payment deadline, so start setting money aside for this amazing event. Please indicate whether you and your date (or either of the two (not advised)) would like to go by bus to the location too. This will results into some additional fee, estimated around 10 euros per person. Also, we ask you to give permission to use your adress, such that we can send you physical mail.

    Of course this gala will be themed. During the coming months we will slowly reveal more and more of this theme. Perhaps there is already a hint on the poster at GEWIS!

    Kind regards,

    ATHENA, GEPWNAGE and “In Vino Veritas”,

    PS. In case you wish to change your preferences, unsubscribe and subscribe. There are a total of 280 spots, so there is all the opportunity!

    PPS. More information can be found on our website: www.disputengala.nl

    zaterdag 16 maart 2019 12:00
    zondag 17 maart 2019 13:00
    Kasteel de Berckt
    Inschrijven voor
    vrijdag 1 februari 2019 00:00
    €90,- for students (€129,- for external (date)s and graduates)
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