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    About the lecture:

    ProcessGold is a software development company that specializes in process mining, data analytics and visualization. We have developed our own enterprise platform that is delivered to customers world-wide from our main office in Eindhoven. At ProcessGold we have a number of teams that work together in order to achieve this. During the lecture Hans will tell you about product development and consulting, while Ruud will tell you more about software development and graduation at Processgold.

    About the speakers: Ruud worked on the development of the platform as a part timer for over a year. At this moment, he is working on his graduation project about the visualization of data flows. Hans is working for ProcessGold for more than 4 years now. He has been involved in many parts of the company; the product team, consultancy and he is one of our trainers.

    Note: After subscription, showing up is mandatory. Unsubscribing is possible until Wednesday the 26th of september, 23.00h

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