Clothing line

  • Apr

    Dear members,

    Previous General Meeting this year’s GEWIS clothing line has been revealed!

    GEWIS is a place for all of us, no matter how different we are. GEWIS connects us, and therefore, the clothing line’s theme will be “Connected”.

    There are multiple items to choose from; two types of shirts (including a men and women’s fit!), sweaters, snapbacks and GEWIS All-Stars! And to make anything your GEWIS item, you can also order your own GEWIS patch!

    To view these items with the possible colours, or to place your order, visit

    With kind regards,

    Ava Swevels, Rick Wouters, Nicky van den Berg and Levi Prikken The clothing line initiative

    woensdag 4 april 2018 20:00
    zaterdag 28 april 2018 23:59
    Depends on purchase
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