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Is printing dead?

If you think that printing is awesome, this this talk is for you. If you think printing is boring, it might be even more for you! We are going to show you how amazing the digital printing world is and how it advances the graphic arts state-of-the-art. What does that mean for you as an end user? You may not know that when ordering a rare book online, the retailer does not need a storage full with possibly unsellable books. In fact, you do not need to wait weeks for the book shipment from the other end of the world; it is printed on demand on a machine so fast that it can produce thousands of different books per month. What does that mean for you as a software developer? Hristina Moneva will share with you her typical working day, the range of challenges in different (embedded and system control) projects as well as her experiences with model-driven development. Do you have another question about software development in the high-tech digital printing domain? Just come and ask her in person...

maandag 13 maart 2017 om 12:45
maandag 13 maart 2017 om 13:30
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