Lunch Lecture Sioux

A Lunch lecture by Sioux about “UX”. Why “UX”? The trend seen in the consumer world for quite some time now (think about nice interfaces, mobile apps, emphasis on userfriendlyness, etc) coming true in the world of high tech systems as well now. The speaker applies this trough Sioux at ASML at this moment, not the first company you think about when saying "UX".

User Experience is a hot and trending topic. The buzzword UX is (mis)used by businesses whenever possible to indicate that their product has certain qualities that make the user's life easier. But what is UX? And what is it not? What is User Centered Design and how can it be applied in high tech environments, where it can be difficult to consult the end user? What are the activities of a UX designer? That and more in this lecture!

dinsdag 13 september 2016 om 12:45
dinsdag 13 september 2016 om 13:30
MF 6
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