Lunch Lecture Prodrive

A lecture by Yuriy Savelyev who studied at the TU/e and now works for Prodrive Technologies. Prodrive Technologies is a fast growing technology oriented company delivering high-tech products to customers around the world. We are a company employing over 700 FTE (300+ FTE in development) with an average age of 28 years.. We believe in the strength of young developers taking responsibility in inventing and developing state of the art products for our customers. One of the fields software engineers at Prodrive Technologies are active in is warehouse automation. Almost all warehouse processes are defined by custom-made software, following the “define and create our own dream process” principle of the company. Projects discussed during the meeting involve not only bookkeeping of electronic component stocks, but also interfacing with mechanical storage machines as large as a building, heuristics for efficient order picking, user interface programming and elegant back-end software architectures. One of the team members will share the enthusiasm for the freedom and creativity of being an (academic) software engineer at Prodrive Technologies and the path of discovery in applying logic, process algebra, algorithmic thinking, domain-driven design, functional programming, event-driven and geographically distributed architectures and other fundamental or cutting-edge techniques in some of the projects. Oh, and LaTeX, git and other cool tools too ;)

dinsdag 20 september 2016 om 12:45
dinsdag 20 september 2016 om 13:45
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