The Great GEWIS-needs-to-spend-money Evening!

As you all know, GEWIS has earned a lot of money in the past few years. Because of this, she is required to spend more money on all kinds of different aspects of the study assocition. However, the current board is curious on what kind of ideas our members have about spending all this money. That is why we organise `The Great GEWIS-needs-to-spend-money Evening!' on the 30th of august. Here, we will discuss all kinds of ideas that you have on what to do with the money. So, if you have any ideas from which GEWIS will benefit, you can present your idea this evening! It is not necessary, but recommended to present a budget for your idea. Should you require any assistance on this, or are you unable to attend on this evening? You can always send an e-mail to for any assistance or in case of absency on the evening.

TL;DR: Present your idea on the 30th of augustus or send your budget to

dinsdag 30 augustus 2016 om 19:00
dinsdag 30 augustus 2016 om 22:00
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Neem contact op met the organizing party of het bestuur ( als je vragen of opmerkingen hebt of als je na het verstrijken van de afmeldtermijn niet aanwezig kunt zijn. Veel plezier!