Lunchlezing Accenture

All across the world governments are pushing towards an unprecedented technological overhaul of the electrical grids in a major initiative that is known as smart grids.

Smart grids promise many benefits, including reduced energy consumption and costs and increased reliability and transparency. But as utilities increase their capabilities by transforming their analog, one-way digital power grids to bi-directional, digital smart grids, certain risks increase and utilities will have to devote more resources and attention to protecting the reliability of the grid.

Accenture will highlight some of the interesting trends and roadmaps as well as networking and security challenges coming with the move towards smart grids. The presentation will focus on the practical way the energy industry is dealing with the challenges. This will not only provide you with insights into this hot topic, but also give you the opportunity to learn more about Accenture and the kind of work they do.

dinsdag 29 mei 2012 om 00:00
dinsdag 29 mei 2012 om 00:00
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