B^x Borrel

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    GEWIS fraternity B.O.O.M. is proud to present: the B^x! It will be this years' first outdoor Borrel and it's going to be Brilliant. There's lots of things that you can expect during this Borrel: Burgers made on a Barbecue, Boswandeling (and other cocktails!), Bananas, Berwtensoep, and more things starting with the letter B! (Bad music comes to mind.) The borrel itself will be quite cold, as it is a Bikkel Buiten Borrel, so ensure you dress appropriately.

    The event will take place at the HG-Noord veldje (north of the main building) at the TU/e, this Thursday starting at 16:30! The borrel will be longer than usual as well yay.

    During this borrel the BAC will still be responsible for your drinks, and introduces a new method of payment for outdoor borrels: coins. A green coin costs 70 cent and can be used to purchase beer or soda (coke/fanta). A red coin equals half a green coin in value. Thus, some products may be more expensive than usual, others may be less expensive than usual - but being outdoors should make up for all that! The price list will be available during the Borrel at the Bar. Coins are also sold at the Bar, and are to be used for everything (including Burgers, cocktails, etc.). They cannot be exchanged for money, only for products at the bar! But, you can also use them during regular Borrels at GEWIS.

    See you this Thursday!

    With Branches and jumping in trees,

    Fraternity B.O.O.M.

    donderdag 21 februari 2013 00:00
    donderdag 21 februari 2013 00:00
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