Lunchlezing Trifork

Trifork is an international software development organization with about 250 employees in 9 countries. Our core principles are open source and agile. Recently, we've opened up a new office in Eindhoven.

During the lunch meeting, we will (very briefly) introduce Trifork, and then proceed with an introduction to an architectural principle called Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS).

Many web applications nowadays are built using the same architectural principles: a layered architecture and, more often than not, an anaemic domain model. Although this style is familiar to many developers and easy to set up, it lacks the capability to help us cope with increasing complexity and doesn't allow applications to scale very well. CQRS is a compelling alternative, strongly related to DDD, that promotes the decoupling of components that change an application's state (the commands) from the components that provide information about the current state (the queries). This architectural approach makes it easier to handle increasing complexity and ensure the application's ability to scale.

You will also see how CQRS can help build high performance applications and provide business value by storing valuable information about the application's history. During the session, we will also cover the practical aspects and look at what it takes to build a CQRS based application in Java. We will see how the Axon Framework can help Java developers to quickly set up a CQRS infrastructure.

dinsdag 18 februari 2014 om 00:00
dinsdag 18 februari 2014 om 00:00
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