SNiC-symposium 2015: AutonomIT

The SNiC-symposium 2015 is coming up! This year's symposium will be called AutonomIT and will be about autonomous systems and the software behind them, as well as the influences this has on society and the world around us. The symposium will take place on November 23rd and will only cost €7.50. This year, the event will be in the Evoluon in Eindhoven. Speakers and their topics will be announced shortly, so keep an eye on for more information. If you haven't bought a ticket yet, contact the board for more information. Get yourself one as soon as possible, because the demand is high!

SNiC is a collaboration between 8 Dutch study associations for Computer Science who join hands to organize a yearly symposium. This means you will also meet students from other cities! A small company expo will also be present.

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maandag 23 november 2015 om 00:00
maandag 23 november 2015 om 00:00
Evoluon Eindhoven
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